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Since 1814, Kingdom of Sweden’s neutrality in respect of its foreign policies, security strategies, and international relations; has been a foundational pillar in fostering Sweden’s tactical posture globally, whilst transforming the country from an industrial powerhouse to an economic powerhouse in Scandinavia and Northwest Europe. 

For the European Union, Sweden is an area of strategic importance because of its robust mining industry, as well as her leading role in the European supply chain for electrification of mobility; and transition to a decarbonized economy, worldwide.

Considering Sweden’s vertical landscape and positioning within Scandinavia, the ability to traverse from end-to-end has been pivotal for the economic prosperity of the region and during the past decades, Sweden has developed extensive infrastructure such as railways, highways, airports, and seaports that are first class in every aspect; facilitating efficient movement of products domestically, regionally, and internationally.  

Mining in Sweden has always been of tremendous significance, with most of the country’s landmass geologically being a part of the Baltic Shield (a/k/a Fennoscandian Shield). This region is one of the most active and largest mineralized regions in the continent of Europe. Sweden’s rich mineralization originally contributed to her economic prosperity through the export of copper, and later; as a key exporter of iron ore. Sweden’s early mining history and subsequent foreign trade paved the way for the country’s integration into the broader European civilization. Today, Sweden remains to be one of the largest sources of iron ore within Europe, and amongst the top producers of base and precious metals. 

Sweden’s geopolitical stability, the accessibility of an extensive network of transportation, and a history of mining that helped to construct her early economic status; has nowadays superbly positioned Sweden, to be a critical player in battery metals supply and value chain. Furthermore, Sweden is not only a leader in ESG but also a nation with low-carbon footprint.

Bayrock is extremely privileged to be operating in the Norrland region of Sweden.