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Similar magnetic patterns to huge nickel deposits such as Sakkati (nothern Finland), Eagle (Michigan,USA) and Nova (Western Australia)

    • Extensive gossan outcrop with rock chips of 1.25% Ni and 1.82% Cu
    • Nickel-copper gossan discovered during road construction in 1970s
    • Rock chip samples range up to 1.25% Ni and 1.82% Cu
    • Airborne TMI (magnetic) image of the gabbro-norite-peridotite intrusion (~5x10km) is a circular 'eye' shaped anomaly with concentric magnetic highs and lows
    • Previous explorers drilled 17 holes into the ~50km2 intrusion and 10 of these were at the discovery outcrop. Only one hole was drilled deeper than 156m

Nottrask Massive Sulphide Outcrops