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Previous drilling includes 11.8m of 0.6% Ni and 8.4m of 0.6% and 0.5% Cu

    • Explored by SGU in 1970s (11 drill holes)
    • Boss Resources completed two drill holes (491m) in 2014 and identified SQID TEM and multiple conductor targets
    • Previous drilling includes:
      • 11.8m of 0.6% Ni and 8.4m of 0.6% Ni and 0.5% Cu
      • Longest intercept of 20.3m of 0.27% Ni, 0.19% Cu and 0.02% Co in Boss-1
      • Drill sample intervals of 1-2% Ni are common
      • Copper is more variable (<1% to >6% for samples of >1% sulphur). Strong EM conductor extends 700m below historic drilling and 800m along strike
    • DHTEM confirms extension of mineralization in drilling:
      • Continues west along contact zone for ~500m
      • Dips 75o
      • Open down plunge (20-25o WNW)

Cross section showing the sulphide mineralisation intersected by the BOSS-1 and BOSS-2 drillholes, Skogstrask Property

Location of exploration drillholes BOSS-1 and BOSS-2 posted onto magnetic map of the Skogstrask<